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Max: so Amy how long have we been walking. Amy: umm about 4 hours why? Max: can we take a rest. Amy: hmm alright. Max: finally! They sit down and Amy takes out a mind control ray and hit max with it. Amy: ok max now you will do as I say and no talking ahh feels good to have those off max put you nose into my boot and sniff for 10 minutes for both boots after he sniffed her boots. Amy: ok max why don't you massage my feet with you face Amy rubs her feet on max's face for a hour rubbing up and down over and over again. Amy: umm only two more things max and your going to love them you get to kiss every inch of my feet then you get to lick all the sweat off them wont you love that giggles ok well kiss em max starts kissing her left foot slowly and calmly and Amy is enjoying it a lot then after a wile he finishes and it's getting dark out. Amy: huh ok well come on max we can finsh tomorrow you hungry I bet you are for my feet but we can do that later the next morning max wakes up. Max: man what happened he looks up and sees amy's socked feet. Amy: morning max Amy takes off her damp socks we got a lot to do today oh I mean you have a lot to do today now max Amy puts her feet against his face you get to lick all the sweat off my feet now start licking max sticks out his tongue and starts licking Amy's feet he licked her sole for 10 min her heel for 10 min and her toes for 20 min then she put her toes in his mouth and he sucked em clean then Amy let max up and max just lays back down and Amy is not surprised her feet are nice and sweet just like her
Amy gets a nice foot slave
TheNamesLight Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Nice I May Do Ths After My Series
gerardreins Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
noborux Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
The only part that confused me, was which position was Amy at when Max woke up? It's hard to imagine where she'd be. (since Max can see her feet when he wakes up) I have another question, was Max still under the mind control after he woke up?

Other than that, I still continue to like your ideas. :p
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